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The RMS Aquitania was a British ocean liner that sailed for the Cunard Line, a passenger ship company that existed long ago and still exists today. The Aquitania was first commissioned in 1911 after the keel laying of HMHS Britannic. Aquitania was to be bigger than her two older sisters RMS Lusitania and RMS Mauretania, she was to be around the same height as of the Olympic Class, she was launched in 1913 and made her maiden voyage in 1914, after the outbreak of the First World War, she was refitted as a hospital ship and was to be a temporary war running mate with Mauretania and Britannic for the remainder of War time. She was refitted as a passenger cruiser again in 1918. She was to be scrapped in 1938, but this plan was cancelled with the outbreak of the Second World War, she was laid up with 2 other Cunard ships, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth as well as the French ocean liner Normandie awaiting further orders. She was then refitted into a troop ship in 1940. She was almost destroyed that year by German spy ships, luckily she survived and became a cruiser again in 1946. She continued to sail for that remainder time, she was finally scrapped in 1950 to make way for new ships.

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